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Japanese Dinnerware for those who love Asian Dishes served in quality Japanese Tableware

Introducing a new Japanese luxury: Shoyeido Premium Incense.

For over 200 years Shoyeido Incense has been considered the finest Japanese incense. Still hand made in Kyoto with carefully selected blends of all natural ingredients Shoyeido incense is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth.

And it is now available right here.

Japanese dinnerware, Japanese tableware, Asian dinnerware

  And we like Japanese dishes since they are the finest quality asian dinnerware available. Perhaps our favourite pieces of Japanese tableware are our sushi plates. These dishes look like they are made of just cooled molten ores and glass, where the colours are intense and meant to be noticed. We like sushi sets to give as gifts because we know our friends have enough debris in their closets and Japanese tableware is something they can use.

  Our sake sets we like because we can warm the sake in a proper decanter, pour a shot into a real sake cup and, after we've drained it, slam that cup down on the table and shout "Sak-aaaay!" just to make our friends laugh.

  We like our sencha and matcha green tea to stay hot in a tetsubin, a cast iron tea pot. We like our Japanese porcelain tea sets and cups to remind us that something as simple as the making and drinking of green tea has been a central part of Japanese culture for centuries and that parts of the world can be very different from what we presently see around us.

  We like knowing that Wal-mart or Sears will never carry our Japanese dishes from Arita, dinnerware which has been made in the same small family run shops for generations, where hard careful work is valued and pride is taken in making dishes better than anyone expects them to be.

  We like sets of rice bowls and noodle bowls that are covered in patterns and designs, where each of the dishes looks different and some dishes even feel different but they are all one set, like a family, not like cloned sheep. And sometimes we like to eat ice cream from our noodle bowls promising to jog it off later.

  We're learning to like our chopsticks because we're sure one day we'll learn how to use chopsticks.

  Finally, we like our kimonos because of the way she looks in them.

Shoyeido Premium Japanese Incense

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Japanese Tea Set

Japanese Arita Porcelain

Rice Bowls

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Japanese Proverb:
A good sword is the one left in its scabbard.